Quitting Smoking Resolution

Be prepared for cravings

Keeping your quit smoking resolution on track

Be prepared for cravings

If you decided to quit smoking as part of your new year’s resolution, well done!  And if you’ve resolved to do so at another time, that’s fantastic too!

Quitting smoking is one of the best things that you can do to improve your health and save money.

But quitting can be tough. Some of the hardest situations for many people making a quit attempt are being around friends on a night out. If you are not prepared for a craving hitting, quitting can be even tougher.

So here are five tips for keeping your quit smoking resolution on track:

  1. Avoid smoking triggers such as situations where you normally smoke. Perhaps scale back on alcohol and, at least for a while, being around friends who smoke.
  2. Keep your hands busy, especially when you have a craving. Having a glass or bottle of water on hand, playing with your watch or bracelet or eating a healthy snack can help keep you occupied.
  3. Be prepared if someone offers you a cigarette. Have a response ready to go like, “Please don’t offer me cigarettes”, “No thanks, I’m quitting” or “No thanks, I don’t smoke”.
  4. If a craving hits when you are out with others, take a break from the situation. You could excuse yourself and go to the bathroom – just a few minutes away from a risky situation can be enough to get past an urge. Or go home early if things are getting too tough.
  5. Get your mates on board. Let them know that you’re quitting. You could even get one of your friends to quit smoking with you.

And remember, if you relapse, that’s a normal part of quitting for many people. So don’t be too hard on yourself! Quitting takes practice, so tell yourself, “Every time I quit, I get a little better at it”. Then make another attempt.

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