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  • Take the smoking quiz

    When you better understand your reasons for smoking, you’ll be better prepared to quit smoking. There are three main reasons for smoking – addiction, habits, and emotions.

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  • COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses

    In an uncertain world, one thing is certain - there has never been a better time to quit smoking. COVID-19 has changed so many aspects of daily life that it can feel like you are losing control. But for smokers, there is one thing you can control. You can choose to quit smoking and reduce your likelihood of smoking-related harms. And there has never been a better time to do it.

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  • Smoking and your pets’ health

    Your pets can suffer health effects from second-hand tobacco smoke, just like your other family members. In fact, the health issues affecting pets exposed regularly to tobacco smoke can be very similar to those seen in humans.

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  • Living with mental illness?

    If you are a smoker living with mental illness, research tells us that you are just as likely as the next person to want to quit smoking and there is no reason why you can’t be successful at quitting.

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  • Support for Aboriginal smokers

    If you are an Aboriginal person who wants to quit smoking, check out the Give up smokes website or Quitline has Aboriginal counsellors available to support you or answer questions on 13 78 48.

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  • Cigarette harms you didn’t know about

    Most people know that smoking causes a multitude of cancers as well as heart attacks and strokes. But there are many other smoking-related health harms we don’t hear so much about that are also devastating to quality of life, some of which can be life threatening.

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  • Three very different quitting stories

    South Australian former smokers Scott, Esther and Pauline all quit smoking in different ways, but all had in common a strong desire to quit smoking. They are now experiencing the many benefits of being smoke-free. Listen to them tell their stories.

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  • ‘Light smoking’ doesn’t lessen the harms

    Smoking four to six cigarettes per day is often regarded as ‘light smoking’ or ‘social smoking’, but the health harms are anything but light. Individuals who smoke an average of five cigarettes each day have around double the risk of dying of cardiovascular disease of people who never smoked.

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  • You are never too old to quit smoking

    Many individuals who have smoked for decades think the damage is irreversible so they don’t see any benefit in quitting smoking. But quitting smoking at any age will increase your life expectancy and improve your quality of life.

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  • Hidden damage caused by smoking

    Cigarette smoke often does damage to the body before the smoker even knows about it. And when symptoms do arise, smokers often mistake them for other conditions or health problems that aren’t related to smoking.

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  • Five ways to stay quit

    Most smokers will try to quit several times before they succeed. However, the good news is that if you quit smoking for a month, you are far more likely to stay a quitter. All quitters face temptation along the way. When it happens to you, try these techniques.

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  • Tips from ex-smokers

    Did you know that 70 per cent of smokers wish they had never started smoking and want to quit? Smokers come from all walks of life. Here are five real quit smoking stories from ex-smokers.

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  • Improve your chances

    Not quite ready to quit smoking, but want to have a crack at it at some point? Here are four things to think about that will improve your chances of quitting when you are ready.

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  • Be prepared for cravings

    If you are not prepared for cravings hitting, quitting can be even tougher. So here are five tips for keeping your quit smoking resolution on track.

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  • Ready to quit smoking?

    Most smokers think about quitting a lot. However, becoming a quitter – and staying a quitter - is a different story. Often, knowing where to start is the hardest part. If you are ready, here is what to do.

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  • Think smoking helps stress?

    Are you feeling stressed and think picking up a cigarette will help? Although smoking temporarily relieves the stress of nicotine withdrawal symptoms, it can actually increase your level of stress hormones in the longer term.

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  • Save more than your health

    When you quit smoking you stand to save more than just your health. If you currently smoke a pack a day, you are probably spending around $9-$10,000 a year!

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  • Myth busted!

    Roll-your-own tobacco is not less harmful than standard cigarettes. Rollies are just as deadly as factory or ‘tailor-made’ cigarettes.

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