Alternative Quit Smoking Stories

Three very different quitting stories

People choose to quit smoking in many different ways

Three very different quitting stories

South Australian former smokers Scott, Esther and Pauline all quit smoking in different ways, but all had in common a strong desire to quit smoking. They are now experiencing the many benefits of being smoke free.

Scott’s Story

The day Scott quit smoking, he bought nicotine patches and nicotine mouth spray. Scott wanted to get out of the habit of inhaling, so chose the spray over the inhaler. Every third or fourth time Scott experienced a nicotine craving, he used the spray. Now a non-smoker, Scott has much more energy to do activities such as yoga and swimming at the beach. He is also enjoying improved health. For information on how nicotine mouth sprays work and how to use it, please read the information sheet provided with the product.

Esther’s Story

Esther says she feels fitter, healthier and in a better mental health space since quitting smoking using nicotine chewing gum. She chose to use gum because she wasn’t ready to give up the hand-to-mouth sensation she was used to as a smoker. Esther tried to quit smoking about 10 times before she was successful. For information about how to use nicotine chewing gum, please read the information sheet provided with the product.

Pauline’s Story

Pauline used patches when quitting smoking but still allowed herself two cigarettes a day early on. Eventually, Pauline got the confidence to cut out the cigarettes altogether. Pauline is loving being able to smell flowers rather than a dirty ashtray. Please note that cutting patches in half, as mentioned by Pauline, is not recommended as it is likely to lead to underdosing.

For advice on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

The stories of Scott, Esther and Pauline are examples of quitting experiences and should not be considered quitting advice. For information on the correct use of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products please speak to your doctor or pharmacist or call the Quitline – 13 78 78. Always read the information sheets provided with NRT packets.


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