You'll notice benefits in the first 20 minutes.

20 minutes
  • blood pressure drops to normal
  • pulse rate drops to normal
  • temperature of hands and feet increase to normal

8 hours
  • carbon monoxide level in blood returns to normal
  • oxygen level in blood returns to normal

24 hours
  • the immediate risk of heart attack starts to fall

48 hours
  • nerve endings start to regrow
  • ability to taste and smell enhanced

14 days
  • circulation improves
  • walking becomes easier
  • lung function increases up to 30%

1 month
  • most nicotine withdrawal symptoms disappear

3 months
  • lung function improves
  • nagging cough disappears
  • cilia regrow in the lungs, increasing their ability to handle mucus, clean themselves and reduce infection

1 year
  • excess risk of coronary heart disease half that of a smoker

5 years
  • risk of lung cancer decreases by half
  • stroke risk same as non smoker
  • risk of mouth, throat and oesophagus cancer half that of a smoker

10 years
  • lung cancer death rate same as non smoker
  • pre-cancerous cells replaced

15 years
  • lung risk of coronary heart disease same as a non smoker
  • if you smoked 20 a day, you’ve saved $81,900 (assuming $15 per pack of 20)