Success Stories

Take quitting inspiration from these former smokers.

Samantha took back control after quitting

Samantha Costello felt smoking was impacting her life in every way. After trying for three years to quit smoking, she finally beat the addiction by going ‘cold turkey’.
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Paul: A bigger reward than smoking

Paul loved smoking, but he loved his new girlfriend, Tara, more. He found the willpower to quit smoking because Tara meant more to him than tobacco.

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Darren’s big wake up call

Australian cricket legend Darren Lehmann thought he was “bullet proof”. So when he woke up with strong chest pains on his 50th birthday, he had no idea his life was on the line.

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Caroline: Emotions more stable since quitting

Caroline was afraid that if she gave up smoking she would have to face her emotions. But when Caroline finally did quit smoking, she discovered she was able to deal with her emotions better.

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Anita: Support from others vital

Anita was only 23 when she landed a fast-paced job in the career of her dreams. But with the role came stress and a need to find moments to escape. Anita began joining her team mates on their smoking breaks.

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Quitting success after decades of smoking

Joe and Amanda both started smoking as children. But decades on, they found the strength and the motivation to go smoke free. Today they are both healthier versions of themselves.

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Three very different quitting stories

South Australian former smokers Scott, Esther and Pauline all quit smoking in different ways, but all had in common a strong desire to quit smoking. They are now experiencing the many benefits of being smoke free. Listen to them tell their stories.

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Tips from ex-smokers

Did you know that 70 per cent of smokers wish they had never started smoking and want to quit? Smokers come from all walks of life. Here are five real quit smoking stories from ex-smokers.

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